The page is no longer blank

Clam shell barnacles from La Push beach in Washington State

When your a writer, there is nothing more intimidating than the blank page. I’ve heard from many professors and professional writers just put words on paper, even if they are gibberish. There are finally words on the page. My blog went live today. It is no longer just a thought in my head. The thoughts in my head are complex. Not much different than this image I’d taken at La Push beach in the Pacific Northwest. I love this picture because of its delicate balance mixed with a complex symphony of life. The textures and colors feel similar to my racing thoughts as I contemplate the paths that will unfold.

Elizabeth Gilbert says in Big Magic, Creative Living Beyond Fear, “Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are living within you?…we all know that when courage dies, creativity dies with it.” I know this to be true. My creativity died years ago and its taken me years to get it back. Making my blog public was very scary and exhilarating at the same time. Now that its live, it feels like a tiny diamond radiating energy waiting to grow its light. It only needs me to breath life into post at a time.

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