My magical world

Mossy green rainforest. HOH Rainforest 2017

Can you see the fairies? I can. They flutter in and out of the magical world hidden beneath the roots of this exquisite tree. This post was inspired by the never ending rain that has enveloped the East Coast and will last for the next day and a half. I captured this image last summer on a family trip to visit my daughter and her husband who had just relocated to Seattle. This magical place resides in the HOH Rainforest along the Pacific Coast Highway in Washington. Ever since my mom passed in 2006, I have wanted to write a story about a magical fairy land. It is always in the back of my mind. My mom was a doll designer who loved fairies, and created many colorful characters, who I see inhabiting this land. She is the fairy queen.IMG_7919

Every time I sit down to write the story, it vanishes. Maybe it’s my the fear of entering into a long history of fairy stories or maybe it’s unresolved feelings from my mom’s passing that block me from writing the story. All writer’s have one or more stories they struggle to tell and this is mine. I know she is my spirit angel and is always with me. One day the Universe will tell me its time. The magic will happen and the words will fill the page. Until then, I can only dream of this magical place and what will become of my fairies in the rainforest. What’s your hidden story?

I invite you to take a few moments and enjoy the serenity.Namaste.

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