The start of my goals

White Notebook with five different colored markers. Positive affirmation

What are you passionate about? It’s a question I ask myself everyday. I was hoping to find inspiration at a conference I was attending for work. Although it was worthwhile and I was able to collaborate and build relationships, I found the experience very energy draining. It is difficult for me to be social for 4 days without downtime.  Normally when I travel for work I am alone and have better control of my schedule. This conference was jam packed, which included extra social events at the end of each day. Some people benefit from the social aspect of these events and become energized. I need more of a balance. I’ve discovered in the past year, that I am an extroverted introvert. Solo reflection is where I become most energized and creative. If I am required to be social for long periods of time, I lack focus. It can sometimes take a day for me to recover. That is true for both my professional and personal endeavors. That became crystal clear for me over the past week.

As I embark on my new creative path, I must set aside time everyday for reflection in addition to non negotiable time each week to work toward my goals. My first goal is to write at least one blog post each week. Another is to set aside 10 non-negotiable hours each week to complete Marie Forleo’s B-School. I am so excited and energized to participate in this program. This program will give me the tools I need to create a platform for my first book. I am putting this out into the Universe. My ultimate goal is to have a first draft of a novel by the end of 2018. This project has simmered in my mind for over 15 years and now is the time. If I don’t make the commitment, it will never happen. Exposing your work to the public is a daunting task. It requires a willingness to expose your vulnerability. I am not unique. This is an age old issue. I am hoping that with this blog I can find the community to take on this journey.

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