Rare Inspiration


I found inspiration today amongst the chaos.  As I drove home from work on busy Grey’s Ferry Avenue in Philadelphia, where just 8 hours before a multi car accident filled the stage,  a new scene imprinted in my head reassuring me humanity is alive.  As I passed, I saw three men standing in the center median of this busy roadway, providing hope with a pop up barber shop. Behind the men stood a simple worn brown table resembling a children’s school desk covered in tools and black chair.  An oasis, amongst the trash filled cement blocks, flocked by late model cars just passing through. Blue hand painted letters melted down the front of a worn white cardboard sign that read, “Haircuts for Homeless.”  Smacked by the reality of this small gesture, I was reminded time may be the greatest gift. How many people had they helped today? It didn’t matter if it was only one. One light at a time leads the way.  Be the light.

Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

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